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Scrap Metal

J&P Scrap Metal Service underpins the strong and sustained growth of the group with a wide and diverse client base ranging from local government and corporate to commercial, domestic and industrial clients.

The scrap processing yard has an electric shear bailer installed which has an output of 100 tonnes per day. The Shear Bailer processes light type metals and are exported for recycling.

J&P Group have a delubing station on site for the removal, recycle and or disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable materials. eg oil, coolant, petrol, diesel and tyres.

J&P Group processing site has met the stringent requirements issued by both local government agencies and the Department for Environment and Conservation. This has been achieved through careful attention to the retention of surface water on site and the implementation of noise and dust management plans.

Metals which can not be reused locally are exported to international buyers through the Bunbury Port facility.

J&P Group are a licensed Second-hand Dealer (#73008). Under our license conditions, all sellers of Copper and Brass products are required to supply 100 points of identification. We will require a current Drivers License and another form of identification which matches the Name & Address on the Drivers License, this form will require the issue date to be no more than 3 months old. eg. most recent utility bill, department of transport registration, council rates.

Scrap Metal Hiab Truck

J&P Scrap Metal Services

  • Skip bin collection of scrap metal ranging from heavy gauge, light gauge, ferrous swarf and non-ferrous metals. Bin sizes range from 2 cubic metres to 12 cubic metres and are available on a casual or permanent basis.
  • Hooklift services which enable clients to increase the net capacity in each bin. Hooklift Bins size range from 24 cubic metres to 34 cubic metres. This service consists of transport of a single hooklift bin or 2 hooklift bins as per road train concept. Bin-on-truck holds a maximum of 17 tonne net with bin-on-trailer holding a maximum of 19 tonne net.
  • Scrap removals and commercial, residential and industrial site clean ups are a major part of J&P Group’s operations from mine sites to farms and general site clearing with excavator, grab and magnet to load material into high sided tippers.
  • Hiab Truck Service is designed for steel deliveries and scrap pickups, car bodies.
  • Prime Mover Transport- J&P Groups Prime Movers are Road Train rated to 106,000kgs. We have 6 other prime movers in our fleet to ensure we are able to meet our commitments. Various in house trailer combinations available. All J&P Group Trucks and Trailers are Main Roads Accredited.
  • We service the South West WA including Kojonup, Tambellup, Boyup Brook, Katanning, Newdegate, Manjimup and Bridgetown.
Non-ferrous and Ferrous Scrap Metal

Non-ferrous and Ferrous Scrap Materials Handling

J&P collect all grades of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal for processing and redistribution and are a critical part of the ongoing recycling efforts in the South West.

Our Picton Yard located close to Bunbury is equipped with a registered weigh-bridge and full processing facilities to segregate and process different range of non-ferrous commodities including:

  • Aluminium including Aluminium Cans
  • Lead based Batteries
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Electric Motors
  • Lead
  • Mix Metals
  • PVC Cable
  • Radiators

Ferrous materials are weighed at our Picton Yard and then delivered to our Processing Facility located at Lot 14674 South Western Highway where they are segregated, processed and prepared for end users. Some of the materials handled through this facility include:

  • Car bodies
  • Cast Iron
  • Demolition scrap and reo bar
  • Factory off cuts
  • Farm scrap and machinery
  • Manganese
  • Nyhard
  • Rail
  • Steel swarf and turnings
  • White goods and all light steel
Mine Site Cleanup Excavator

Mine Site Laydown Yards Scrap Metal Cleanup

J&P Group specialize in onsite laydown yard clean-ups for commercial and mining companies.

J&P Group onsite clean ups consist of but not limited to;

Supply of appropriate mine site approved personnel and plant/equipment necessary to conduct the required work.

The onsite mine supervisor will indicate what is required to remain as is or shift to relocate and the remainder of the material to go. J&P will semi process down in size large frames, structural steel with quick release shear then quick couple 3/2 finger to load bulky material direct into high side tipper or high side hooklift bin.

Once all the scrap is removed with hydraulic grab we then quick release to hydraulic electric magnet for the final sweep to remove all ferris materials. The material left will be separated into recycling products i.e. poly pipe, shreadable timber, plastic coated rollers etc. and then removed for recycling. The balance of materials are racked up into a neat pile for loading out as waste for on or off-site disposal. J&P Group will either move to additional laydown onsite or sign off and demobilize.

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