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J&P Group Pty ltd

The J&P Group has established itself as a leader in the field of industrial, commercial and domestic recycling, consistently building on humble but tenacious roots set down by founder Jim Tolmachoff in 1966.

Diversification into complementary industries and markets has seen the J&P Group stay ahead of the recycling trend and widen its client base to secure a solid future for even the toughest economic climates.

The J&P Group companies’ services range from the complete deconstruction and demolition of industrial, commercial and farm sites, through to collection of scrap and new metals and machinery recovery and waste recycling from Council, businesses or domestic site.  The majority of the products are exported through the Bunbury Port for recycling.

The J&P Group has extensive experience and an innovative mindset to tailor its products and services to any clients’ requirements and prides itself on operating with integrity in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


J&P Group is continually implementing innovative ways to respond to market demands and opportunities.


J&P Group is committed to upholding procedures policies and pricing structures which enable them to approach customer requirements with flexibility.

Employee Relations

J&P Group management team regards the development and support of employees as integral to the overall success of the Group. J&P Group maintains a high standard of accountability throughout its team through the development implementation and ongoing review of its Employee Relations Management Plan.


A rich diversity of cultures are represented within the J&P Group


J&P Group Operates from several sites in the South West of Western Australia. All employees, customers, visitors and suppliers must adhere to the right of entry conditions as signed at each of these locations:

    • Main Office: Cnr Short Street / South Western Highway, Picton (access via Short Street)
    • J&P Scrap Processing, Copplestone Road, Dardanup
    • J&P Glendale Park Development, South Western Highway, Picton
    • J&P Landfill, Banksia Road, Dardanup.